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Are your clients looking for a little certainty in an uncertain world?

Offer them some of the best annuities in the industry, according to Barron’s best annuities list for 2020.

Barron's best annuities 2020

In a sea of annuities, ours have risen to the top.

Barron’s mentions our annuities eight times on their best annuities for 2020 list.1 Download the article to see why. And check out our annuities below that made the list.

Fixed index annuity

ForeIncome II

A Barron’s Best Annuity

Your clients may need their retirement savings to last 30+ years. ForeIncome gives them two ways to build a guaranteed “paycheck” they can’t outlive:

  1. Steady, predictable income growth2,3,4
  2. Potentially greater income growth that may keep growing, even after their income payments begin.2,4,5

Income annuity


A Barron’s Best Annuity

Everyone’s different. That’s why ForeCertain gives your clients so many different ways to design their guaranteed “paycheck.” Whether they’re retiring in a few years or if they’re already there – whether they’re single or married, ForeCertain adjusts to fit their needs. And they can choose how long they want their income to last – anywhere from five to 30 years or for life. It’s all up to them and what they need.

Fixed annuities


A Barron’s Best Annuity

Are your clients looking for predictable growth? SecureFore gives steady, guaranteed growth with competitive fixed rates in 3, 5 or 7 year durations – they simply pick what works best for them.

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