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Fixed index annuity

ForeAccumulation II

ForeAccumulation offers a wide range of interest crediting strategies to help you further customize the growth potential of your clients’ fixed index annuity contracts. Here are the rates for the S&P 500 One Year Point-to-Point with Cap interest crediting strategy* for a premium of $100,000 or greater.

S&P 500 One Year Point-to-Point with Cap
5-year Withdrawal Charge Schedule1
S&P 500 One Year Point-to-Point with Cap
7-year Withdrawal Charge Schedule1
S&P 500 One Year Point-to-Point with Cap
10-year Withdrawal Charge Schedule1,2

Rates do not reflect any interest crediting attributable to the Withdrawal Base growth option selected-only the cap associated with each method. Rates are subject to change at any time for new issues. The current rate at issue is guaranteed for the initial strategy term and is subject to change for future strategy terms. Other interest strategies are available with distinct rates, caps or spreads.

*ForeAccumulation rates may vary by firm. Please refer to your firm's internal rate sheet or contact sales support for details.

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